25th anniversary logoThe focus of the El Reno Public School Foundation is to enrich and maximize the quality of education available in
El Reno Public Schools. The Foundation plans and administers all programs in cooperation with
El Reno Public Schools’ administration.


2016 Mentor Day at the Capitol

Friday, January 8, 2016
Curtis Blanc, SSS Mentor of the Year

Curtis and mentees 2016

Pictured are (l to r) Senator David L. Boren, Founder and Chairman of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence (OFE) Molly and David Boren Mentoring Initiative; Mr. Curtis Blanc, ERPSF Students Striving for Success Mentor of the Year; Theo H., one of Mr. Blanc’s mentees; Mr. Anil V. Gollahalli, President of the OFE Boren Mentoring Initiative; and Justino C., the other of Mr. Blanc’s mentees.



PAL Summer 2016



Senator David L. Boren (left), Founder and Chairman of the OFE Molly and David Boren Mentoring Initiative, and Mr. Anil V. Gollahalli (right), President of the OFE Boren Mentoring Initiative, congratulate El Reno High School’s Summer G., for outstanding accomplishments in the Barbara Bush Foundation’s Teen Trendsetters program.  












OFE Mentoring Program of the Year 2014

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Linda K. Neal (left) and Local Education Foundation Outreach Chair Stewart Ryan (right) present the 2014 Outstanding Program Award for Local Education Foundations to El Reno Public School Foundation leaders in recognition of their Students Striving for Success mentoring program. Receiving the award are (second from left) El Reno Public School Foundation President Chad Neathery and Students Striving for Success Chair Dana Gibson.




The mission of the El Reno Public School Foundation, a non-profit entity, is to extend the existing curricula through innovated teaching projects, administer the endowed scholarship funds, implement annually the recognition of El Reno High School Distinguished Alumni, and support Students Striving for Success (ERPS mentoring program).

The Foundation will use these means to fulfill this mission:

  • Encourage faculty members at all grade levels to submit grant applications for teaching projects that are innovative and thought-stimulating.

  • Administer higher education scholarships to academically worthy El Reno High School graduates.

  • Create funds by involving the community in a public auction every two (2) years.

  • Advertise a Phantom Party, without festivities, for contributions to support the work of the Foundation.

  • Select annually three (3) distinguished alumni of El Reno High School, and honor them with plaques awarded during a recognition banquet.



A Foundation with the capacity to help the community by helping schools:

  • Given by a broad based of donors

  • Providing innovative learning techniques

  • Showcase successful alumni

  • Source for higher education scholarships

  • Recognized for the effective management of funds in its care

  • Known, understood, valued, and widely trusted

  • Organized and continuously active