What is the El Reno Public School Foundation?

*An endowment, funded in 1988, for El Reno Public Schools;
*A non-profit, tax exempt organization {501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Tax Code};
*A board consisting of community members, also ex-officio members representing the El Reno Public Schools Board of Education, school administration, and teachers;
*A provider of grant opportunities for El Reno Public School teachers, programs, and school sites, to expand, enrich, and enhance educational opportunities which are not otherwise funded by the school district;
*A manager, in conjunction with El Reno Public Schools, of a mentoring program designed to focus on students of all ability, race, ethnicity, and national origin;
*Does not make capital improvements, compensation payments to teachers, or collaborate with district bond issues

What is the mission of the Foundation?

*Help El Reno Public Schools maximize the quality of education for students in the district;
*Work closely with El Reno Public Schools Board of Education, administration, and teachers to pursue the common goal of advancing excellence in educational opportunities within the district;
*Maintain independence, while still working in collaboration, from the El Reno Public Schools Board of Education and administration

Where does the Foundation get its money?

*Generous individual donors
*Memorials and bequests
*Funding-raising events
*In-kind donations

How are funds handled?

*Every contribution is divided in half with an equal amount going to the endowment fund and grants and operations;
*Funds are carefully invested for maximum growth and safety;
*Through the grants program, more than $300,000 has been awarded to El Reno Public Schools teachers and educational leaders

How are grant recipients selected?

*Each grant program (Leslie F. Roblyer Leadership Grant, School Site Foundation Grant, Individual Staff Member Foundation Grant, and Walker High School Grant) has a separate committee;
*Grant applications are carefully reviewed for need, project objectives, implementation schedule, benefits to students, achievement milestones, and budget;
*The Chairperson of the individual committees does not vote;
*The Foundation Board makes the final approval

How is the Foundation unique among other education support groups in El Reno?

*El Reno Public School Foundation exclusively supports El Reno Public Schools;
*Endowments ensure perpetual sources of supplemental funding, but does not replace traditional state, local, and federal funding sources, or alter the amount of these sources;
*Foundation support impacts teachers who impact students;
*Foundation provides direct incentive/recognition of El Reno Public Schools’ teachers at all levels;
*Grant programs encourage innovative and creative thinking for student learning and achievement

How do grant programs lead to overall improvements in El Reno Public Schools’ quality of education?

*Many projects funded by the Foundation are actually used as models for other classrooms and/or pilot programs;
*Teachers who utilize new techniques and strategies often go on to train other teachers at their own site, throughout the district, and beyond;
*Successful pilot programs spread throughout the district and can possible lead to positive changes in curriculum, instruction, and program offerings