January 8, 2016

Curtis and mentees 2016

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence (OFE) Boren Mentoring Initiative honored outstanding local mentors during the annual Mentor Day at the Capitol.  Receiving the honor as El Reno Public School Foundation’s Mentor of the Year 2016 is Mr. Curtis Blanc, Blanc Farms (second from the left).  Offering congratulations are Senator David L. Boren, Founder and Chair of the OFE David and Moren Boren Mentoring Initiative (left), and Mr. Anil V. Gollahalli, President of the OFE David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative (second from right).  Mr. Blanc was proud to include his two mentees, Theo H. (center) and Justino C. (far right), in the celebration.



January 15, 2015

2015 Mentorship at CapitolThe Boren Mentoring Initiative honored mentors in Oklahoma City at the State Capitol building with a reception, lunch, and other activities.  Once again, the ERPSF mentoring program participated in the program.  Curtis Jones, Heritage Press, was honored as ERPSF Mentor of the Year.

Representatives from El Reno Public School Foundation included (from left, back row) Linda Hulbutta, Toni Grantham, Dana Gibson, Chad Neathery, Craig McVay (ERPS Superintendent), Chris Lambakis; (front row from left) Lisa Jones, Curtis Jones, Cenith Robinson (Mr. Jones’ mentee), and Ashlie Blair.


January 16, 2014

The BoMentorship at State Capitol 1-17-14ren Mentoring Initiative honored 52 mentors in Oklahoma City with a reception, lunch and other activities at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  The Initiative works to promote mentoring and provide networking for mentoring organizations.

Representatives from El Reno Public School Foundation’s Students Striving for Success mentoring program included (from left) Toni Grantham, Michelle Ahern, Richard Steanson, Dana Bland Gibson, Rana Porter-Seymour, Suzanne Tully Thompson, and Chris Lambakis.