About us

The mission of the El Reno Public School Foundation is to foster a culture of educational excellence within our community. Through our efforts. we elevate the classroom experience, provide avenues for scholarships, champion mentoring initiatives, and celebrate the achievements of outstanding alumni.

The Foundation will use these means to fulfill this mission:

  • Encourage faculty members at all grade levels to submit grant applications for teaching projects that are innovative and thought-stimulating.
  • Administer higher education scholarships to academically worthy El Reno High School graduates.
  • Create funds by involving the community in a public auction every two (2) years.
  • Advertise a Phantom Party, without festivities, for contributions to support the work of the Foundation.
  • Select annually three (3) distinguished alumni of El Reno High School, and honor them with plaques awarded during a recognition banquet.

“When you support education, you are giving a gift that lasts forever.” - Wanda L. Bass


El Reno Public School Foundation manages four grant programs for the purpose of maximizing the quality of education available in El Reno Public Schools. These grants help teachers fund enriching and exciting education opportunities for their students.

grant being presented to a teacher
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El Reno Public School Foundation awards eleven different scholarships to students. Awards are funded by the Foundation’s general revenue, gifts, and endowments.

Distinguished alumni

Distinguished Alumni are recognized at our Thousands of Reasons event. Distinguished alumni are former El Reno Public Schools graduates with achievements and acts of service worthy of recognition. Alumni can be nominated by a friend, family member, or coworker.

Thousands of Reasons Gala

Previously awarded Alumni

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Contact us

Address: PO Box 356
El Reno, Oklahoma 73036
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