Grant Recipients – Fall 2016

Grants Awarded Tuesday November 8, 2016

El Reno Public Schools Foundation announces the recipients of the Fall Teacher grants and Walker grant. Over $18,000 was awarded to teachers throughout the district. We are very proud of all the innovative programs awarded and look forward to the continued success of our students.

TEACHER                      SITE(S)    GRANT NAME
Lacefield, Amanda        CDC     First Steps Lil Explorers Reading Adventure
Nix, Adeline                     DLC    Discovery Learning Center Curriculum,
Schweitzer, Erin            EDJH    Kuta Software:  Test & Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers – Junior High
Volleyball Instructional Coaches    EDJH, EHS    AcuSpike:  Taking Volleyball Training to the Next Level
Ferris, Shari                    EHS    Transition- School to LIFE and Fun Day Friday
Ferris, Shari & Grube, Deborah    EHS    Read to Success
Gallegos, Vanessa         EHS    Spanish Language and Culture Student Activities
Henry, Angela                EHS    German Language Student Resources
Newman, Lisa                EHS    Creating Vibrant Teaching Tools for Meteorology
Reeves, Heather            EHS    Kuta Software:  Test & Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers
Roberts, Shawndra      EHS    Peter Pan Materials
Schmidt, Marilyn          EHS    Teaching Life Skills Through Real-World Activities
Adams, Serentiy & Bristow, Amanda    HC    Animal Therapy for Special Education Students
Bennett, Cynthia           HC    African Folk Tales by Al Bostick
Stake, Terri                     HC    Sounds to Literacy
Bramlett, Raven            LLC    Winning with Reading
Farrell, Jennifer            LLC    Bouncing While We Learn
Sharp, Christina            LLC    Let’s Boost Our Reading
6th Grade Team             RLC    Immediate Feedback from Sixth Graders Who are Engaged in their Learning
Crain, Jessica                  RLC    Scholastic News Magazine
Fruit-Smith, Andrea     RLC    BrainPOP Subscription
Bennett, Cynthia            RW    Creative Discovery by Dwe Williams
Vandergrift, Joy             RW    Music for All
Hotz, Marcé                      LLC, RLC, EDJH, EHS, Sooner Start    Improving Communication Through Technology
Ehlers, Kristy                  District    3D Printing:  A Powerful Tool to Expand 21st Century Learning

Walker High School Grant
Liticker, Pat                     EHS/STEM    Graphing Calculators for Advanced Math

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