Grant Recipients – Fall 2015


Cynthia Bennett, Rose Witcher Elementary, African Folk Tales by Al Bostick, $750.00

Lisa Brittain, Lincoln Learning Center, Keeping It All to Myself!, $495.95

Jessica Crain, Roblyer Learning Center, Remediation with Phonics and Math Operations SmartBoard Games, $311.60

Gretchen Fryar, Rose Witcher Elementary, Leveled Literacy Intervention for Second Graders, $1,131.75

Lindy Harper, Hillcrest Elementary, Alphabet Puzzle Set, $198.00

Kindergarten Teacher Team, Hillcrest Elementary, Read Along in Kindergarten, $3,085.60

Kristen Koehler, Etta Dale Junior High, Smarter than a Calculator, $414.44

Kristen Koehler, Etta Dale Junior High/El Reno High School, Mobility and Movement, $390.66

Melissa Lewis, Roblyer Learning Center, Reading Foundations, $163.71

Melissa Lewis, Roblyer Learning Center, Calculator Connections, $339.00

Becky Lockler, El Reno High School, Listening to Learn, $368.00

Jenna Reed Minyard, Hillcrest Elementary, Rhyme Time, $69.99

Lisa Newman, El Reno High School, Math Classroom Manipulatives/Supplies, $987.69

Shawndra Roberts, El Reno High School, Robin Hood Performance Stage Craft, $325.43

Nancy Salsman, Lincoln Learning Center, Reading While Riding, $981.10

Marilyn Schmidt, El Reno High School, Special Student Success!, $998.00

Keanon Simon, Etta Dale Junior High/El Reno High School, Baseball Safety, $789.89

Colleen Steinbruck, Lincoln Learning Center, Don’t Drop That iPad!, $480.00

Joy Vandergrift, Rose Witcher Elementary, Xylophones, $945.00

Kara Watts, Rose Witcher Elementary, Using Art to Teach Character Education, $943.63

Chip Whitworth, El Reno Learning Center, Wildlife Management Art Project, $1000.00

TOTAL OF 2015 FALL GRANT AWARDS = $15,169.44

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